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Legends on Ice: Celebrating Kamloops’ Curlers

LegendsonIce 2As a sport known for its strategic finesse and camaraderie, curling has found a vibrant community in the heart of Kamloops. Over the last 75 years, the Kamloops Curling Club (KCC) has been home to incredible curlers, with several of its members being in the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame. Their achievements have not only shaped the local curling scene but have also left a long-lasting impact on curling in Canada.

Here are some of the legends who have made our club a hub of excellence and a testament to this sport.

Barry McPhee

Barry proudly represented British Columbia at the Canadian Brier in 1981 and 1996. His commitment to the sport and excellence on the ice have made him a revered figure in the local curling community, earning him a spot in the Kamloops Sports Hall of Fame in 1999. Besides being an outstanding curler, Barry was a well-rounded athletic competitor, playing fastball and commercial hockey while also playing golf on the CPGA tour.

Jim Cotter

A true icon, Jim has had over 10 appearances at the Canadian Brier – a B.C. record and a testament to his enduring passion and remarkable skills on the ice. Jim is also actively involved in building the next generation of curlers, as he volunteers at his home club in Vernon where helps organize the junior league.

Brian Windsor

As an inspiring member of the KCC, Brian earned the privilege of representing the province at the Canadian Brier in 2006, showcasing his skill and dedication to the game on a national stage.

Ray Olsen

For numerous years, Ray has dedicated his coaching expertise to junior curling initiatives at both McArthur Island and the Kamloops Curling Club. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, in 2016 he won the Junior Curling Award and in 2019, he was awarded coach of the year by Curl BC.

However, the accomplishments at KCC are not confined to the men's division.

Allison MacInnes

A force to be reckoned with, Allison has proudly represented British Columbia as a two-time junior and two-time provincial women’s champion. She was the former coach of the Brown team, earning quite the resume together and inspiring many young women in the sport.

Over the years, the KCC has also continued to attract curlers from other provinces who have made their mark on the ice, enriching the club's dynamic and fostering a spirit of friendly competition.

As we celebrate the achievements of these Kamloops Curling Club members, the stories of these legends serve was an inspiration for curlers of all ages, reminding us that curling is more than just a sport; it's a community where passion, skill, and sportsmanship come together.

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