The current pandemic is having a substantial impact on our club.

  • Potential Membership numbers are only 74.8% of what they were last year
  • We will experience a proportional loss in food & beverage income
  • ViaSPORT is discouraging gathering before and after curling
  • We cannot host large bonspiels
  • There is a lack of interest for banquets
  • Only 50 people are allowed in the ice shed
  • No inter-provincial competitions are allowed
  • The new liquor laws mean we have to close the bar at 10:00pm
  • We are experiencing reduced corporate sponsorship
  • The guidelines don’t allow for non-members to use the ice
  • We will have no TRU and SD73 International Student rentals
  • There is increasing uncertainty of a forced shut down during the season
  • Increasing number of COVID cases have already changed people’s minds about curling this year

The Kamloops Curling Club does not receive any operating funds from any level of government.  We are owned by you, the members.  Our revenue comes from curling fees, concession, banquet, lounge and pro shop sales.  We also rely on the kind support we receive from our sponsors plus the various grants we obtain.  We have a small fund that is used for contingencies and capital improvements.  We are not bank rolled by the city or a private shareholder.  Our future relies on good governance and good management.  If we operate this year, we would surely use up our contingency fund and if we were forced to close during the season, we would be in serious trouble financially.  It could cause the club to permanently close.  While the membership has been encouraging, it only accounts for 39% of our revenue.  We need all the other departments to contribute the remaining 61%.  This year that will be a real struggle.  All our banquets have cancelled and the new liquor laws make it extremely difficult to generate income.  The majority of our sponsors just cannot help us this year. 

An opportunity was presented to our club to rent out the building from October 1st to March 31st.  The rental income would allow a consistency source of revenue over the winter and remove the financial uncertainty the corona virus is causing.  

The Board of Directors have agonized over this decision and understands your disappointment.  We are first and foremost a curling club and everyone on the board wants to curl.  But the corona virus is having a devastating effect on recreational choices, restaurants, bars, banquet halls and lounges.  The future of the club is more than this year, we owe it to our 70 years of history to do what needs to be done to give it another 70 years.    

If you need your gear from your locker, please come and pick it up.  If not, it can stay in your locker.  We will not have access to the lockers after September 30th

Kamloops Curling Club – Board of Directors

Ron MacDonald